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Marvelous E-Missive
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The Sacred Antinous
The Oracle of Apollo
Marvelous eMissive
What must we most delightfully admire
As this marvelous e-missive unspools?

Be it the lad’s too mischievous desire
To show in public his shyest of tools?
Be it the casual air of his deed,
The clever hoisting of a shielding knee,
The requisite draw of his pleasured seed,
Or quick return of his cock to the lee?
Be it the pads of those personal sounds?
Our fantasy to have been his buddy
Whilst camming in conspicuous surrounds?
The sidelong, sly, peripheral study
Of a one who could his game uncover?

Forsooth, these are each a real, erotic
Reason o’er which our esteem may hover,
Yet still — like some compulsive narcotic —
Our admiration must always return
To the fellow’s very perfect prudence:
Behold how early in his wank’s concern
He preps himself his towel’s concludence!