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The Sacred Antinous
The Oracle of Apollo
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‘Twould appear my nefarious design
To exploit the raw power of X-Tube
Must evolve a brief epoch yet again.
For they that thrice posted did thrice post-off,
And such image’d glory as did inspire
Me to jot a grateful grace-note did die.
Methinks the gods be tisking and tasking;
Scolding me for the crime of cowardice.
They seem to think me heady to believe
Sir Richard Wadd is ready to conceive!
Perhaps the time is now, therefore, and right,
To take upon my palm a one-eyed piece
Of motion picture techno-gadgetry,
And make myself at long last the first cause.
If X-Tube is to be truly my stage,
They must indeed be mine own images –
By me charted, writ, and solicited –
Uploaded into novel consciousness.
Thusly hath a most topographic time
To my literate history arrived,
And heart, by whose chronicles e’er I drum,
Doth now unto touchable actors come…