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West Queer West
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The Sacred Antinous
The Oracle of Apollo


Off, thus, to the waning day went Leo,
His mind on emotional moans attuned
And ne’er again to other’s prescripts held.
Methinks he may, with ample attention
To the assigned readings, discover one
That speaks to him of artistic freedom;
Points of pride by scene-queen astronomers
Hitherto uncharted and quantified –
Not for want of optic acuity
But a rabid sense of dogmatic style.

Anyway, I daresay, enough of that.
Our webisode at last concludes and cools,
Its character – and mine – for the day spent.

Friends, I do beseech your indulgence,
Ere to new distractions you click elsewhere:
Know that such production comes not cheaply –
To write doth take its time; to shoot, its toil;
And all for it to come together, cash.
Aught you can give, I’ll be for it grateful:
Naught given’s too small and all’s forgiven
Regardless if e’er what’s tendered is “Thanks.”
Yet still I should welcome a donation,
For ‘twill all future labours make fresher,
And all what’s past ever the worthier
A foundation ‘pon which this frame is built.

I thank you for your time and your good taste,
Your passion and your playfulness of mind.
If, by these musings, thou art woo’d and awed,
I trust you’ll return to Richard, Sir Wadd.