Paleo Home  

The boys are gorgeous, gracious and garrulous as they swirl happily around Sir Richard’s home. But how can they not be? – they’re but the ghosts of a distant time, resurrected in his atrophied mind as he randomly excavates the writings from a former life. The files are many, as are the memories – but none contain a word concerning Kevin, the mythical young man he wishes he could have written for.

The “rescue” was a complete disaster, and Richard’s career as a pornographer ended rather abruptly as a result. That was many years ago. Now, with his livelihood shattered, Richard is a lost soul – alone and forgotten. The boys he thought were his friends are gone.

But a certain someone is making his way back to the doorstep of Sir Richard Wadd, Paleographer. His name is Kevin, and he’s determined to finish what he started.


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