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Four years ago, Kevin, a desperate and under-aged runaway, knocked on the door of Sir Richard Wadd’s house and begged admittance to the pornographer’s fantastical operation on the fringes of gay cyber-erotica. But law-abiding Richard refused to take him in, and turned the young teen out onto the treacherous streets. Ever since that fateful night, Richard’s been wondering if he did the right thing.

So now, the anxious and guilt-ridden poet is embarking on a hazardous quest to find and rescue Kevin from the clutches of an oppressive, street-wise hustler. Assisted by his camera-toting protégé, Tristan, Sir Richard and his extraordinary verse will explore the topography of a cold and sinister city that’s had four unforgiving years in which to suck the life (and poetry) out of Kevin’s darkening soul.

6 Male Actors

SIR RICHARD WADD - 45 - 65, an Internet sex-site operator
TRISTAN - 24 years old, a filmmaker
KEVIN - 18 years old, a hustler
DARREN - 15 years old, a runaway youth
TYLER - 16 years old, a runaway youth
JOHN - early 30s, a hustler

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